Being Aboard During Covid-19


Wanhong Zhao, News Editor

This year we have a big issue that is Covid-19. Everyone is scared about this virus. This virus has caused many people to be stuck in a place that is not their home country. For these travelers, they had to make a tough decision- stay in a country that you do not know, or risk getting the virus by traveling home. Recently, I spoke to a man trying to get to his home country during the Covid-19 crisis.

This man was located in a country that is not his own and was having issues with traveling home. He said that he was worried about the infection rates in his own country, but in the country he was staying in, infection rates were also rising. He did not know what would happen if he traveled, so he decided to wait another month to travel home. Because of his decision to stay in a foreign country, he has had to ask his parents to send him masks and other supplies. This, however, changed his mind and he made the big decision to travel home.

The journey was hard, but he made up his mind to go back home. He took his belongings with him and called for a driver to go to airport. Many airports were closed at that time, so they needed to go to an airport that was three hours away. He had to use a small bus to get to the airport.

Once he reached the airport, the first thing he had to do was get inside. After several safety procedures, he finally got into the airport and waited for the boarding time. After his long journey, he finally got on a plane and got back to his home country. It took almost 24 hours, but the man thought he was finally going to see his family again. However, whenever he got home there was a 14-days quarantine that he had to adhere to.

During the covid-19 times, there are a lot of things that are different then usual. With these unusual times, it is hard for us to be happy with all the rules, but we need to follow the instructions in order to stay safe. In the story, the man reaches back home successfully, but if he didn’t want to obey rules, nobody knows what would have happened to him. Last but not least, covid-19 is terrible, but we don’t need to be scared.  As long as we stay calm and follow the instructions that government and reporters said, we will get past this difficult time.