Virtual Learning vs. In-Class Learning

Olivia Dixon , Senior Contributor

Virtual learning has been the topic for months. Do students really learn from virtual  learning or are they often getting distracted and not actually learning? Well, the experts have their opinion. “Research has shown that students in online learning performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction, but it has to be done right.” says Christine Greehow. This is the real issue in the matter of the coronavirus. We need to learn a better way to teach the children who now have to do virtual learning, even though they have always done face to face learning.  Due to the suddenness the COVID pandemic, students have never officially learned how to complete school virtually. Students do not know what to do. Do they need to take  more notes, or less notes? Study more? Ask more questions? All of these contribute to virtual learning not working for students.

    Another reason why virtual learning is not working for students is lack of preparation from schools that were not expecting to go virtual. Most schools did not have the resources to go virtual for their students, so when they did go virtual, it was haphazardly put together in a  fashion  that didn’t work for students. “A challenge we are facing is inadequate access to the technology and social infrastructure needed for virtual education” stated Christine Greehow. Students and teachers need to communicate in order for online learning to work. Teachers need to tell the students how they expect work to be done, and students should communicate any issues with the teachers. Many students say they prefer in class learning compared to virtual learning because they believe that being away from their friends is hard. Many students also say that they are often distracted during virtual learning because other devices, like phones, are often in the room while they are learning. In class learning has proven to be better for students, compared to virtual learning, but we never know what the future will hold in the crazy world we live in today. In reality, it is all based on preferences and what the child needs to learn properly and sufficiently.