The Return Of The Marauder Mirror


Daniel Stitt Jr., Sophomore Contributor

The Marauder Mirror is returning this year and new articles will be published for all of the BG to view. With this brings new ideas from all of the writers of Public Speaking and journalism. There are also so many new topics to be written about with the return of this online newspaper. Writers of this class are eager to share their unbiased opinions on certain topics and cover other information that students may have questions about.  But all of us together are excited to share information about our great community here at Bishop Guilfoyle High School!

Why is the Marauder Mirror returning to our school? It is returning so that students can have a voice and help others to be enriched in our great school, and also to inform others on what is happening at BG and what events will be taking place throughout the year. This way, students can keep up to date on new things that are happening and aren’t happening. They also might learn something new about what the school has to offer. 

There are many participants involved in the return of this virtual newspaper. They are all in the class of Public Speaking and Journalism so they can learn more about journalism while posting new articles about our school community. They have practiced many different exercises to help expand their knowledge of writing and give them a better understanding of what they are writing about. All of these journalists in training are being guided by their teacher, Miss Shrift. All of the students enjoy this great opportunity they have been given to share their feelings about certain topics. Some of these writers are even going a step further and are going to be editors for their class and edit everyone’s writings in that class. They will be respectful to their classmates’ work and will try to help them fix their articles so they can write to their full potential. There are so many articles to be written and proofread. So, I hope you are as excited as these young writers are to share their posts to their amazing community.