The BG 2020-2021 Yearbook is for Sale!

Giavanna Bambocci, Senior Contributor

Want to make sure you always have your high school memories? If so, buying this year’s yearbook is absolutely necessary. 

The theme of the yearbook is inspired by Spotify, and the title is “Play it Again, 2020-2021 Rewind”.  “We wanted to pick a fun theme that everyone would like,” said Jadie Litzinger, one of the current yearbook editors. Everyone loves music, so this would ensure that everyone would be happy. Mrs. Querry, the teacher of the yearbook class, also expressed her excitement about this year’s yearbook. She said she loves the theme and is thrilled to see how it turns out. 

Since the theme is about music, the yearbook will also feature a section on BG’s very own student musicians. Ellie Irwin, a senior musician, is in charge of the musician dedication page. “I am so excited to get to showcase BG’s music talents,” said Ellie. This page is focusing specifically on seniors Ayden Crane, Evan Wandersee, and Ellie herself. 

Not only is the yearbook showcasing music artists, but the yearbook will also include artwork from BG students. Seniors Valery Bohn and Grace Callahan are working on designing the Spotify-themed cover. It is still a work in progress, but they said the cover should be finalized soon. “It has been challenging designing a cover everyone likes,” said Valery. However, her and Grace are enjoying the challenge. 

If all of this sounds exciting to you, you can buy the yearbook at It is $62 until January 29, so buy it quickly before the price goes up! If you have any questions about this year’s yearbook, do not hesitate to email Mrs. Querry or any of the yearbook staff members!