Will we have Spring Sports?

Ethan Miller, Senior Contributor

As many have already heard, coronavirus cases have rapidly increased in Pennsylvania in the recent month causing some concern regarding if business or schools would have to shut down again. What doctors and scientists are talking about is if Pennsylvania has hit their peak, or if this will continue into the upcoming months. Recently, places that have had drastic spikes in cases include Blair County, Allegheny County, and Westmoreland County. A big concern, that has been discussed daily, is spring sports and the decision to let the kids play, or potentially cancel another season. The concern is that the athletes could potentially spread the virus through contact with each other or the equipment they use. As of right now, Governor Wolf has been pretty quiet on this issue, but he could potentially have meetings with the PIAA in the near future.

     Having talked to many student athletes, and some of the parents of those athletes, they have highly recommended that the sports continue on. They have also commented on the no spectator rules, most agreeing on the issue while others tend to think it’s redundant. Personally, from a student athletes point of view myself, I can see both sides. First, you have the side that wants the students to play because they feel that the mortality rate is so low that it wouldn’t affect the kids even if they contracted the virus. Then you have the opposite side that does not want the kids to play, because they don’t want cases to spread even more, and have the possibility of getting other family members sick. 

     In the end, it is out of our hands and in the hands of the PIAA along with Governor Tom Wolf and his advisers. Until we really see a downward slope in corona virus cases, many of the things we are accustomed to, like masks and social distancing, will not be going away for quite some time. On the bright side, the state has developed free testing in certain areas which can definitely help with the community being tested and treated. If everyone does their part and watches out for their neighbors, we can 100% defeat this virus and let the kids play.