Getting To Know: Mrs. Kowalski

Getting To Know: Mrs. Kowalski

Connor Ebersole, Tyler Conigy, Author

Mrs. Kowalski is a history teacher here at Bishop Guilfoyle and we wanted to get to know her a little better. Here are a few questions we asked Mrs. Kowalski.

Q. What are your favorite things to do?
A. Travel, hike, play with my dogs

Q. Birthday?
A. December 31st

Q. One word to describe you, and why?
A. Adventurous, because she likes to try new things

Q. Where did you go to college?

Q. Who is your favorite athlete?
A. Patrick Hornqvist

Q. Favorite Food?
A. Salmon

Q. Favorite Restaurant?
A. El Campesino

Q. Goals in Life?
A. To get her masters, do the Tuff Mudder

Q. Greatest Weakness?
A. Perfectionist

Q. Favorite Sports Teams?
A. Penguins, Pirates, and the Jets

Q. Greatest Strength?
A. Organized

Q. What did you wanna be before you decided to be a teacher?
A. Psychiatrist.