Talent of the Week: Nick Leamer


Mark Conrad

Ever since he could remember juggling was always a major part of his life. Nick Leamer credits his Uncle Mark for getting him into the hobby. Nick often spends 3-4 days a week perfecting his craft. When he’s not juggling he’s thinking about juggling, when he’s not thinking about juggling he’s watching juggling, when he’s not watching juggling he’s lost in deep thought (probably about juggling).

Name: Nick Leamer

Grade: 12

Favorite Subject: Gym Class

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Rhone

Favorite Color: Aquamarine

Favorite Song: Ballin like I’m Harden- Dez G

Most balls juggled at once: 13

Interest outside of Juggling: Paintball, Scootering, Football, Finger Painting

Most Influentional Juggler:  Anthony Gatto

Favorite Artist: Rage the Machine

Goals for the future: Make some money on the side making people smile with my talent.