Remembering the 2017 Boys Soccer Team

Before the start of the season, outlook for the team even existing was not very positive. Head-coach, Alan Gburek, wanted to have a minimum of seventeen players or there would be no team. At the end of pre-season only fifteen players had shown up and four of them were brand new to soccer. Coach Gburek, however, decided to go ahead and field a team because he saw potential in the team.

In the players’ eyes they lived up to their potential even if the results didn’t necessarily reflect it. They may have only won three games but two of their losses came in overtime and the majority of them were by two goals or less. One of the best examples of the team living up to their potential was in the 5-4 loss to Bishop Carroll. The Marauders were down 3-0 at halftime and then scored 4 unanswered goals. The game would have likely gone into overtime, but a foul in the box led to a penalty shot for the Huskies and thus gave them the lead.

2017 might not have been the most successful season, but this team was one of the best in recent years.