A Little More Light on the World of Golf


Blaise Kilmartin, Writer

The Bishop Guilfoyle Golf team has just ended their season. Their record was 2-7 and they played Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Bedford, Tyrone, Forest Hills, Everett, Richland, and Penn Cambria.

I was able. To ask one of the players, a freshman named AJ Marasco, some questions about the sport and why he decided to play it.

Q: What made you want to play Golf?
A: Since I was little I have played with my pap and have always loved the sport.
Q: Is it difficult to keep up with Golf and school?
A: Not really, as long as you make sure you ask your teachers for what assignments you missed.
Q: How often do you have to leave school too participate in a match? A: Once or twice a week.
Q: How long have you played Golf?
A: Since I was 4.
Q: What is one thing that you love most about this sport?

A: Being part of a team and getting to meet new people.

The golf team had a great year playing together. Although the season has ended we are excited for next years golf season to start!