A New Look in Religion Class

Marauder On-Line Student News

Marauder On-Line Student News

Emily Stevens & Blaise Kilmartin, Author

Bishop Guilfoyle offers students a way to understand stories from the Old and New Testament. In these classes, students are taught about the people in the Bible that impacted, overcame and influenced Christianity. These classes help students understand important information about their past, but what about their future? Mr. Sutton created a class called Catholic Discipleship 1. This class was created to help students grow deeper in their faith and experience religion on a new level. The new class is optional for the students at Bishop Guilfoyle who want to experience God in a new way. We interviewed some of the students taking this course, along with Mr. Sutton, and here are some of their responses.

Q: students- Why did you want to take this course?
A: “I want to go deeper into my Faith.” Ryan Berger

Q: How does this course differ from the normal religion class?

A:”We can discuss topics in a more in-depth  manner.” Ryan Berger

Q: What prompted you to create this class?

A:”I was going insane and it was born out of frustration. As the older students from Peer ministry grew up, less of the underclassmen filled their spots. We need something for these kids to have consistent love for Jesus Christ.”

Q: What do you hope to gain from this class?

A:”I just want to see kids fall in love with Jesus Christ and let that have an impact on the rest of the school as well.”

Q: What do you want to see happen to your students by the end of the year?

A:”I want them to grow in an authentic awareness of Jesus in their lives later and now.”