The Environment! And How You Cool Cats Can Fix It!


Ethan Wesner

Whats up, my eco-friendly dudes! We need to talk about the environment. There’s some serious stuff going on with it and it’s not very good. Pollution, climate change, landfills the list goes on. But there is one thing all you green guys and gals can do to help. Cool it with the plastic, people! Only a small percentage of plastic is being recycled each year, so where’s the rest of it going? Well, I’ll tell you where, THE OCEAN! An estimated eight million tons of plastic is going into the ocean every year! That’s a lot of plastic, dudes! But fear not, here’s one simple solution to our plastic problems.

Instead of using up all those lame plastic bags grab a groovy paper bag, or better yet get yourself a radical tote bag. Seventy-three percent of Americans agree that using a paper bag is a lot better than plastic, so get on board and save nature. Paper is much better than plastic because paper is “biodegradable.” I know that’s a big word, but that means when you get rid of paper, it doesn’t stick around.

So that’s that. Use paper, save nature.