International Student’s Life in America!


Ally Boslet, Lili Benzel, Lauryn Zelnosky, Maggie Nosek, and Sami Baker

Kenta Okada, a junior here at BG, is from Tokyo, Japan. We interviewed him to see how he is liking America, and when he first came here. Kenta’s first time in America was when he was 11 months old, and it was for a vacation in Hawaii. When he went back to Japan, he stayed there until he was 15. At this age, he visited different places in America for different vacations including: New York, Hawaii and Los Angeles. Of these places, his favorite was Los Angeles, in fact, that is where he wishes to attend college at UCLA.

Kenta decided to stay here in America as a result of a two week summer camp that he went to in California, which lasted two weeks . He said he made lots of friends there and he thought it was fun. We asked Kenta how he discovered this school in a small place like Altoona. He said that he went to Glendale last year, but at public schools, international students can stay there for only one year, so he had to switch to a private school this year. He said he found Bishop Guilfoyle on the Internet, and that is how he’s here now. We asked him how it’s going so far and he said he likes it and that school in Japan is harder.

We wish Kenta good luck in his ongoing journey in America, and hope that he gets into UCLA, his dream school.