Is it auto tuned voice? NO! Introducing Zion-T


John Lee, 2017/03/image.jpeg

Have you ever heard a voice that seems to be auto tuned but natural? It is not an auto tuned voice! It is his natural voice that makes him unique. I would like to introduce Zion-T, one who has an incredible voice that would just kill your ears. His unique voice is so easily noticeable that people would easily know his songs. His unique voice itself makes Zion-T a singer and a producer. When he works with his songs or albums, he participates in every part which makes him a producer.

Zion-T, associated with YG entertainment and The Black Label, is a neo soul R&B singer. When we look at his name, it seems to be biblical and the answer to that question is, yes it is. His name Zion came from the mountain of Zion, and T refers to the cross, upon which Jesus was crucified. Despite his religious background, it is a little difficult to find his character of Christianity. However, he works  to keep his faith in good shape by attending  his mother’s church.

The song that I want to recommend to you is “See through.”  This song was the first hit song in Korea, which made his name famous among the K-Pop world. The song was produced by Primary, featuring Zion-T and Gaeko. The unique groovy voice of Zion-T and steady voice of Gaeko really bring out the song to make you dance. When you hear the song, many dubbings of Zion-T’s voice harmonize the song. I can say with confidence that you would be able to feel that funky beat and you will want to dance.

As Zion-T’s songs are mostly successful, some of his songs reveal  his personal story. When you hear Yang-Hwa bridge, we can assume that Zion-T lived in poor conditions as he started his music. His father was a taxi driver, and his mother was a pastor. This family background would have shaped the character of Zion-T. Thankfully, his father knows how to follow the flow of pop culture, despite  his old age. Some other songs  reveal his complex ideaology. He talks about the view of his music and the field of the K-Pop world, pointing out an idolized pop culture of K-pop. As a singer, he has had a complex road ahead but is definitely considered one of the best in the K-Pop world.


In concluding this article, I warn you to shield your  ears because he can definitely kill your ears! His outstanding uniqueness of voice  is what makes him today’s Zion-T. He knows how to utilize his voice and harmonize it to make good texture. He knows what it is to be Zion-T, and he always works diligently to improve his skills and characteristics of singing. He is definitely a K-Pop artist who gives an enormous contribution to the K-Pop field.