Oh the places you’ll go.

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For this article we thought we would interview a senior about what they are doing after BG. Michael “Pickle” Piccerillo has an interesting story.

Q: Where are you going to college?

A: San Jose

Q: Why are you going there?

A: My major

Q: What major?

A: Software engineer

Q: What is the difference between San Jose and  other schools?

A: Silicon Valley

Q: Mascot?

A: Spartan

Q: Going to move back to PA?

A: No

Q: What will you do in your free time?

A: Probably go to the beach

Q: How far from the beach will you be?

A: 20 mins

Q: Thinking about doing any clubs?

A: Definitely yes

Pickle also said that this is his dream school and he is visiting there next month.