Dr. Hooch’s Q & A:

Evan Chadbourn, Luke Wills, Noah Trexler, Daniel Ramsey, Luke Frederick, & Michael Berish

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Heyyyy BG! The new doctor is in town, Dr. Hooch. I will provide you with the best answers about anything for free! ALL QUESTIONS SHOULD BE ANONYMOUS. There will be a box located in the cafeteria  with paper and a pen. Love to hear from you soon!


The Doc

Our Latest Questions:

Where can I find a Marauder hat? You can contact Ravine’ or the Marauder Cove!

How can I start living a healthier lifestyle? Starts with a good breakfast, drink water all day, and remember to eat your veggies!

How do you get good grades in school? Be prepared, hit the books, don’t miss class, and get enough sleep!!

Why are you doing this? I’m doing this to give my knowledge to the students of BG.

What’s your vacation spot? My favorite vacation spot is Mexico.

How do you talk to a girls you really like? You should get to know her more. Should make some small talk. Occasionally get her flowers. Ask her on a date and open the door for her.

Who started Dr. Hooch’s Q and A? A good magician never reveals his secrets.

Should you wear socks with flip flops? NO!





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