Learn More About the Marauder Mirror Staff

The Marauder Mirror staff is full of interesting facts.

Brad Young

The Marauder Mirror staff is full of interesting facts.

Rebecca Kasun, Author

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Marauder Mirror staff? Who are the people that are writing these superb articles? Well, it’s time to learn more about the writers.
Seventh period journalism (your Marauder Mirror staff) is a unique group of students. The juniors in the class are Kenny Brumbaugh, Natalie Nardelli, Frankie Montecalvo, and Alyssa Cummings. The seniors in the class are Tevin Grove, Alex Gburek, DD Ferrell, Ariana Mrdjenovich, Rebecca Kasun, Haley Ebersole, Aaron Yasulitis, Katie Altiero, Jared Bender, Brad Young, Josh DeGol, Bryan Kozak, Alec Bakale, and Sophia Vellone.
How about some fun facts? Did you know that one of the members of the staff has a Twitter account with ten thousand followers? Who is it? It’s senior, Alex Gburek. No one knows the account name because Alex wants to keep it a secret.
Another interesting fact: one of our staff members is a CODA. It’s Ariana Mrdjenovich. If you didn’t know, CODA stands for “Child of a Deaf Adult.”
This specific class has been a great adventure. If anyone can take journalism next year, take the opportunity! This class has made a great impact on the Marauder Mirror and hopefully the success of the paper will continue. Sadly, it’s time to part. This is the last edition the seniors will be a part of. We’ve all loved bringing the latest and greatest of BG for the past couple months. We hope you have enjoyed our writing and good luck next year to the underclassmen!