• Learn More About the Marauder Mirror Staff

    Learn More About the Marauder Mirror Staff

    Rebecca Kasun, Author

    Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Marauder Mirror staff? Who are the people that are writing these superb articles? Well, it's time to learn more about the writers. Seventh period journalism (your Marauder Mirror staff) is a unique group of students. The juniors in the class are Kenny Brumbaugh,... READ MORE »»

    The Marauder Mirror staff is full of interesting facts.

    Brad Young

  • Top Careers 2015

    Top Careers 2015

    Jared Bender and Katie Altiero

    In our last edition of our column, we are counting down the last 15 top jobs of 2015: 15. Marketing Managers - Marketing managers are the people who work for companies to persuade consumers to buy their product over the competitors. Median salary is $123,220. If interested check out the Marketing Manager... READ MORE »»

    Top Careers of 2015

  • The Sweets Corner

    The Sweets Corner

    Campfire Cones: This fun treat serves as a perfect snack for this summer and is super easy to make. Super delicious marshmallow-filled campfire cones make a fun twist on traditional s'mores and can be custom made to your liking with endless options. Just grab some friends and make some together arou... READ MORE »»

    A great campfire treat thats sure to be sweet!

  • Top Careers of 2015

    Top Careers of 2015

    Jared Bender and Katie Altiero

    This week we are back with numbers eighteen through sixteen of the top careers of 2015. #18-Mechanical Engineer- Mechanical engineers are the people who design, build and repair machines. The median salary is $82,100 with an expected job opening of 11,600. To get a degree in this field you'll want... READ MORE »»

    Top Careers of 2015

  • Walkney Rocked The Jaffa

    Walkney Rocked The Jaffa

    Ariana Mrdjenovich, Author

    Selling over 1,000 tickets, Walkney Rocks the Jaffa turned out to be an amazing experience for many of the area's residents. Though the first opening band, Making State, lacked energy, the second opener, Post Season, increased the energy of the crowd in preparation for Walkney. Finally, Walkney took... READ MORE »»

    Mckenzie Holivay

  • The Sweets Corner

    The Sweets Corner

    Alyssa Cumming and Natalie Nardelli

    With summer just around the corner, here are some healthy treats to get you beach body ready. Banana Split Bites These Banana Split Bites place a fun and simple twist on your favorite summer treat. Just place Strawberries, Pineapple and Banana on a stick. Then add some melted chocolate and nuts.... READ MORE »»

    Healthy summer treats

“The Wiz” Isaac Nominations

On Tuesday, April 26th, nominations came out for the 2016 Isaacs Awards. The Isaacs are an award show hosted by the Altoona Community Theatre to recognize high school talent in musicals. This is the eleventh year the Isaac...  Read More »

Bishop Guilfoyle’s own photographer

Brad Young found his love for photography around the age of 13. His father bought him a Nikon DSLR. In 2014 he began to take photos of different sports events. He would shoot baseball, soccer, hockey, and his favorite of...  Read More »

Senior Banquet

On Sunday May 15, seniors, family, faculty, and staff gathered in the Bishop Guilfoyle gymnasium to honor all the seniors and their accomplishments. The night commenced with a delicious turkey dinner. Then, numerous special...  Read More »

Coachella Week One 2016

This past weekend was the beginning of the iconic Coachella Music Festival. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Indio is located...  Read More »

Walkney Rocked The Jaffa

Selling over 1,000 tickets, Walkney Rocks the Jaffa turned out to be an amazing experience for many of the area's residents. Though the first opening band, Making State, lacked energy, the second opener, Post Season, increased...  Read More »

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Athlete of the Week- 10 Questions with Ariana Mrdjenovich

Reason for nomination: Ariana has played softball the past 4 years of high school. Even without the softball team having a winning streak, she has remained positive and kept her team laughing. Something that stands out even...  Read More »

The All American

With the Track and Field season coming to an end we decided to catch up with Bishop Guifoyle's best girls Disucs Thrower, Anna Audley to ask her opinion on the season and a little about herself. Whats your name? Anna Audley How...  Read More »

Marauder baseball showing heart

This past week, the BG Marauder baseball team has played in multiple games including the Curve Classic. The Marauders were off to a strong start beating Northern Cambria 17-4. The Marauders then faced baseball powerhouse, Central. It was a hard fought game. Unfortunately, the ...  Read More »

Third Month Mania

Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, springtime and daylight savings time are all events commonly associated with the month of March. However, sports fans of all ages know March by one event: March Madness. Every March, millions...  Read More »

BG Marauder Mirror Athlete of the Week: 10 Questions with Luke Ruggery

1) How and when did you start playing basketball? When I was in kindergarten and because of APL.   2) What do you enjoy most about playing basketball? The excitement.   3) What is your biggest accomplishment...  Read More »

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